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Country House For Sale: San Miguel de Allende

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  • $600,000 US dollars.


    Set 6 miles outside of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
    Over 7.4 acres of land, rich in cactus, Mesquite
    Co-ownership of private well with thermal water (the most valuable asset of this property.)
    All external walls double thickness
    Buried power lines
    Highest quality kitchen with stainless steel refrigerator, stove, and extractor pyramid, Corian counter, white lacquer cabinets with Italian chrome handles, double sink.
    Lifetime guarantee on all faucets and amd showers.
    Wood-beamed living room, cedar counter, huge antique mezquite entrance door, solid pine doors with chrome handles.
    Unobstructed view of Mexican countryside.
    Nearly 4,000 sq. feet of construction.

    Top Floor

    ...3 rooms, two full baths, 1 jacuzzi, living room with fireplace, washroom with service patio and roof access, terraces and large windows, Italian and Spanish tiles for floors, baths and terraces.

    Bottom Floor

    ...Bedroom or lounge, full bathroom with shower, kitchenette with refrigerator and adjacent dining area, tape library, control room with separate air-conditioned computer room, one large room with massive view window, for recording, three medium-sized isolated rooms, all with visual communication. Sonex, carpeting, halogen lighting, 5 kilowatt power regulator, and a tool shed.

    Studio Equipment

    Option to include equipment for US $70,000 extra

    Pro-Tools 24, Masterlist CD, 882-20, 882-IO, Adat Bridge
    2 ADAT recorders, BRC
    DAT recorders, tapes, software
    Macintosh 9500/200 with 96 MB RAM, 17" Monitor
    JAZ Drive, Glyph 4 GB drive, Quantum 2 GB, Ricoh CD Recorder
    Studio Vision Pro 4.0, Plug-Ins, etc.
    Prophet-5, Matrix-6, JV-880, JV-80, ESI-32, D-4, M3R, S-550, Mackie 32 +24E
    Percussion, Microphones (AKG, Microtech Geffel, Beyer, Shure)
    Demeter, Lexicon, Alesis, DBX, Behringer, Ensoniq, toys, toys, toys.

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